Design of innovative digital solutions for the manufacture of custom orthopaedic devices

At the cutting edge of innovation, we boast comprehensive orthopaedic expertise and are seeking to digitalise this world. We are developing software, applications, robots, and 3D scanners that facilitate the life of orthoprosthesists and make patient care a more comfortable experience.

3D acquisition solutions

Fast and painless, 3D acquisition enables measures to be implemented in a precise manner. All of our centres are equipped with the latest CAD/CAM solutions, and we train orthoprosthesists who wish to develop their techniques in terms of digital practices.

3D rectification software

Our professional software applications are designed to enable the orthoprosthesist to very easily adjust the shape of the prosthetic based on measurements taken on the patient, and to integrate design and customisation elements.

Milling machines and robotics

Our milling machines and robotic solutions meet all requirements and enable the manufacture of custom orthopaedic devices. Digital milling enables faster and simpler production, as the orthoprosthesist no longer needs to work on the plaster cast.

Nos marques expertes dans le digital