Eqwal Foundation

The Eqwal Foundation, under the aegis of Fondation de France, was created in June 2022 by the Eqwal Group.

Created in June 2022 under the aegis of the Fondation de France by the Eqwal Group, the Eqwal Foundation takes care of people with disabilities.

Leisure, sport and culture

In the ordeal of disability, access to sport, music and all forms of leisure is an additional constraint. This is why the Foundation supports projects promoting the independence, autonomy and fulfillment of people with disabilities through sport, culture or leisure.

A global commitment

In developing countries or in times of war, people with disabilities are facing huge difficulties due to the fact that the insurance systems do not work, that social security is non-existent and that the authorities do not grant necessarily means. The Eqwal Foundation is committed alongside associations and NGOs to help these very vulnerable populations.

Act for the planet

Transmission is an essential notion at Eqwal, but it can only be done in a preserved environment. If we want to give our children the chance to live on a living planet, then it is important to make a daily commitment to reduce our negative impact. In order to participate in this collective effort, the Eqwal Foundation supports associative projects in favor of the environment.

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