April 8, 2024

Amputee Awareness Walk 2024

April is limb loss awareness month. Every year in April, the Amputee Awareness Walk takes place. Our Spectrum O&P agency in the USA is organising this day to support our patients and help them get back on their feet.

A walk for disability

On 13 April, a walk in honour of amputees will be held to recognise the many challenges that amputees face every day. It also aims, through a tombola, to offer financial assistance to those who cannot afford basic care.

The walk will cross the iconic Sundial Bridge and will be an opportunity to pay tribute to amputees in the North State.

Following the walk, the various companies will be presenting their products on stands.

A common goal

Through this walk, Spectrum O&P is aim to raise collective awareness of the challenges faced by these people, while celebrating their strength and determination. As part of Eqwal's commitment to inclusion, the walk symbolises our commitment to breaking down physical and social barriers, promoting acceptance and equality, and offering unwavering support to those in need.