May 20, 2024

Charlotte: An extraordinary road trip despite disability

Charlotte's story

5-year-old Charlotte is one of the patients of our Lagarrigue agency in Dole. She was born very prematurely, at 5.5 months of pregnancy, and still suffers from the after-effects. Now suffering from multiple handicaps, she has great difficulty controlling her movements, and requires an orthopaedic device to accompany her on a daily basis.

Our Lagarrigue agency in Dole followed her and designed the necessary equipment. From a motilo to a seat shell to a sit-to-stand device, Charlotte uses a range of equipment to enable her to develop properly.

Road Trip in Europe

A road trip around the Adriatic may seem ambitious for some, but for this family, it's a dream come true. Charlotte's parents, Aline and Nicolas, have always wanted to integrate her as much as possible and bring a sense of normalcy into her life, so that her disability is not a hindrance to family activities and leisure.

The teams at our Lagarrigue branch in Dole put their expertise to work for Charlotte. Together, they designed a special seat that fits perfectly into her stroller, giving Charlotte the comfort and safety she needs during the journey. This off-the-shelf baby carriage, together with Charlotte's tailor-made seat, is a true ally on the move.

Thanks to this long trip across Europe, Aline and Nicolas want to show that their daughter's disability is not an obstacle, and that it's perfectly possible to take part in sporting activities and go on adventures.