September 28, 2023

Eqwal completed the acquisition of Centrum Orthopedie Rotterdam

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Eqwal is delighted to inform you that we have completed the acquisition of Centrum Orthopedie Rotterdam (

Centrum Orthopedie Rotterdam (C.O.R) is a Dutch company with its roots all the way back to 1986. In a car accident the founder lost his lower leg, invented a prosthesis and started an orthotics and prosthetics clinic.

Today, C.O.R provides Patient Care services in the Randstad region (Netherlands). The group offers a wide range of products: prostheses, orthoses, orthopaedic shoes (OSA, OSB and OVAC) and therapeutic elastic stockings. The Group’s values are Attention, Innovation and Freedom.

C.O.R works with 50 passionate colleagues at 7 locations in the Randstad of the Netherlands. In addition to these various sites, C.O.R. also has fitting areas in hospitals, residential care centers and primary care centers.

Peter Jongenengel and Emil van Swaal, owners of Centrum Orthopedie, said: “During our meetings with Jean Pierre, Filip, Hamza and all other Eqwal- and Aqtor colleagues we had the pleasure of meeting so far, we have found a great overlap in our values, vision and drive to make an impact. We strongly believe joining the Eqwal Group and closely working with Aqtor is a big step forward for Centrum Orthopedie and will greatly help us create a bigger positive impact in the life of more Dutch patients, improve the collaboration with practitioners and help us further develop our expertise. We are very much looking forward to working together!".

Jean-Pierre Mahé, CEO of Eqwal comments: "Centrum Orthopedie Rotterdam and Eqwal share common values that naturally brought them together. From our first meetings with Peter, Emil, and Christian, we understood that COR was a company dedicated to patient care. In the future, COR and Eqwal will be able to combine their talents to work together on disability compensation. We share the same vision of excellence, the same passion for innovation, and the same philosophy of pushing boundaries to best serve the patients who trust us. I am honored that Peter, Emil, and Christian recognized themselves in Eqwal's values and decided to join us in building a comprehensive value proposition together in the Netherlands."

With this acquisition, Eqwal continues its Buy and Build strategy in the Netherlands, initiated with the acquisition of Kaptain Orthopedie, and strengthens its territorial coverage and product portfolio. Eqwal aims to make C.O.R a consolidation platform in the region.