November 5, 2023

Excellence in Motion: Launch of the International Training Program

From October 9th to 11th, a highly anticipated event finally took place: the launch of our international training program, Excellence in Motion. This initiative brought together colleagues from around the world for a global exchange of knowledge.

An international event for global knowledge sharing

With Excellence in Motion, Eqwal aims to build a global learning culture based on cross-pollination of ideas while respecting the specificities of each country, thus providing all employees with cross-functionality and encouraging the pooling of knowledge.

To make this ambition a reality, the three days of Excellence In Motion revolved around plenary sessions and practical workshops in small groups. Conducted in both English and French, the sessions were led by our own employees, inspiring speakers such as Théo Curin, Christoffer Lindhe, or Professor François Genêt, as well as our valuable partners.

A Program Focused on Excellence

Achieving one's best self requires effort and passion. This is what we instilled during this first edition of Excellence In Motion.

Over these three days, participants had the opportunity to attend inspiring speeches by medical professionals, orthoprosthetists, and other healthcare experts. They also had the chance to connect with companies from around the world through a dedicated space of over 600 square meters for our partners' booths. There's nothing quite like the magnificent Puy du Fou Park to create an atmosphere conducive to learning and discovery with orthopedic experts.

An Extraordinary Event with a French Touch Atmosphere

We wanted our participants to fully enjoy this event. That's why an orchestra accompanied us during these three days, adding a touch of magic and uniqueness to the event.

For the closing evening, a breathtaking show followed by a sumptuous gala dinner delighted guests from all walks of life. It was the perfect opportunity to relax, socialize, and celebrate in an atmosphere that was both welcoming and sophisticated.

Celebrating today's innovations to promote tomorrow's actions

This event was an opportunity to showcase the expertise of our orthoprosthetists and celebrate the innovations of our colleagues. That's why we concluded these three days with an Eqwal Awards ceremony. It was essential for us to recognize the innovations, actions, and individuals that contribute to the advancement of our profession in service of patients.

More than just a corporate seminar, the first edition of Excellence in Motion was an unforgettable and magical experience for Eqwal's employees.

A moment of unity, sharing, connection, and exceptional learning that leaves a lasting imprint on everyone's memory. Strong bonds were forged through this opportunity, further strengthening the sense of belonging to Eqwal.

It seems that this is only the beginning of an extraordinary journey