December 17, 2023

Excellence in Orthopaedics: Awards Ceremony

During the launch of our international training program Eqwal, Excellence in Motion, it seemed only natural to reward those employees and companies in our group who have shone through the quality of their work and the projects they have accomplished.

They have been able to adapt, rise to challenges and turn their profession into a strength to achieve a common goal: improving and promoting the well-being of our patients. Today, we congratulate these projects, which are helping our profession to evolve.

Rodin4D for the development of Fitflow

Fitflow is a new software application developed by Rodin4D. This tool is designed to simplify access to design and 3D printing specifically for orthoprosthetists. The tool is an intense collaboration of the entire Rodin4D development team led by Charlotte Sapaly: Chloé, Wiliam, Adrien, Maialen and Reda.

First Eqwal Foundation humanitarian mission

Marie Mansancal and Diego Pinto, orthoprosthetists in France, took part in and organized the first Eqwal Foundation humanitarian mission to Myanmar in March 2024. Eqwal thanks them for the time they gave to the patients on site and to the caregivers they trained. We would also like to thank them for their involvement in the organization of this first humanitarian mission.

Eqwal Patient Care Belgium for the production of custom-made devices

Jurgen Dhondt and Bastiaan Dhaen of our Eqwal Patient Care Belgium branch have implemented an efficient methodology for the manufacture of custom-made devices.

Working with the R&D and production departments, they have put in place a methodology to ensure that made-to-measure appliances always meet the highest standards of quality, repeatability and traceability, without compromising the orthoprosthetist's freedom to make patient-friendly choices.

Alyssa De Amicis for her involvement with amputee communities

Alyssa DeAmicis, an orthoprosthetist with AlliedOP, is one of the most active orthoprosthetists in the Eastern region of Eqwal Patient Care USA. She has succeeded in raising the profile of our prosthetics business in the amputee community, both in her day-to-day work and through her involvement with the Runway of Dreams association, where she is very active.

Célia Wicki and Tim Baudin for their involvement in Pink October.

Célia and Tim joined forces with the compression and medical lingerie teams to create events to raise awareness of breast cancer during Pink October. These spontaneous and generous initiatives were a great success.

Eqwal Patient Care France team for the development of a soft insert

Concerned about the comfort and well-being of patients, a group of expert orthoprosthetists from all over France got together just over a year ago to think about a soft insert. Their strength? Sharing know-how and experience, to create a fitting that suits Lagarrigue and its patients. The result was the Motion by Lagarrigue range.

We're very proud of the projects and actions we've carried out, which are proof of the commitment these employees and brands have to their profession.