December 4, 2023

From Training to Treatment: Reflection on Our Second Humanitarian Mission in Thailand

For 10 days, three American orthoprosthetists from our AdaptiveO&P and Allied OP agencies traveled to Thailand to train local healthcare teams. The mission's objective was clear: provide care for amputated individuals, train healthcare professionals, and establish the foundations for a prosthetic manufacturing workshop.

A Dedicated Showroom for Patients

Far from the fully equipped workshops our orthoprosthetists are accustomed to, they had to adapt to the available resources. To achieve this, the on-site teams worked tirelessly to find the necessary basic equipment, and numerous component collections within Eqwal were used to provide prosthetics for over twenty patients. Each patient benefited from a personalized solution tailored to their handicap. The poignant stories of some patients deeply touched our teams, turning them into a source of inspiration.

A Motivated Team of Orthoprosthetists

We had no doubt about the motivation of Alyssa, Dennis, and David, but we are very proud of their commitment to this project. The three of them organized themselves to prepare for their mission, anticipate all the necessary equipment, and design various training materials.

10 Days, but Not Only...

Before the departure of our orthoprosthetists, video conferences were organized so that the local students would have some foundational knowledge before the start of the 10 days of practical training. Once on-site, the learning experience was both theoretical and practical, as trainees directly practiced on patients. After our orthoprosthetists left, the training did not end there. Video conferences continued for several weeks so that they could continue to acquire skills.

Upcoming Missions in Preparation?

This second operation in Thailand, like the first, is a success, and we have the ambition to continue our support. A new humanitarian mission is planned for early 2024, and future missions are scheduled in other countries around the world. The Eqwal Foundation is dedicated to supporting populations in need who lack access to external orthopedic devices.