Eqwal Foundation


June 26, 2024

Humanitarian mission in Guinea

Since his arrival in Guinea, Arnaud, our Lagarrigue agency orthoprosthetist, has been immersed in a rewarding humanitarian mission. Accompanied by Karim, a physiotherapist who works regularly with SESEP, they are pursuing an initiative supported by the Eqwal Foundation and SESEP. For these few days in Guinea, Arnaud and Karim have a busy schedule aimed at sharing their knowledge and improving orthopaedic care in Guinea.

SESEP: 70 years of expertise in paediatric rehabilitation

Founded in 1947, SESEP (Société d'Études et de Soins des Enfants Paralysés) is a professional network specialising in paediatrics and rehabilitation. With 70 years of expertise, SESEP focuses primarily on the motor rehabilitation of young children.

SESEP has an international training mission in which it is committed to sharing its knowledge with teams in emerging countries, thereby promoting the development of local skills in paediatric rehabilitation.

The organisation actively supports research to improve support for children with cerebral palsy, thereby contributing to the development of practices and specialised care. Through its actions, SESEP plays a crucial role in improving the care and quality of life of children requiring intensive motor rehabilitation.

Mission in Guinea: the missions

Theoretical training

One of the key aspects of their mission is the theoretical training given to first- and third-year physiotherapy school students. These educational sessions are essential for strengthening local skills and ensuring better patient care in the future.

Meetings and consultations

Arnaud and Karim also met the children cared for by the Fitima association. They carried out full assessments and proposed therapeutic solutions for 15 children. These consultations are crucial to identifying the specific needs of each child and providing personalised care.

Collaboration with the National Orthopaedic Centre

Discussions with ortho-prosthetists and doctors at the National Orthopaedic Centre have been particularly rewarding. This exchange of knowledge has led to improved practices and optimised patient care.

Production and installation of foam seats

Finally, Arnaud has designed and installed foam seats to improve comfort and support for children. These devices are essential for preventing complications and improving their quality of life.

This humanitarian mission, initiated by the Eqwal Foundation and SESEP, demonstrates our commitment to sharing our expertise and helping to improve the living conditions of children in Guinea. We are very proud of the work done by Arnaud and Karim, and we fully support them in this vital mission. We look forward to hearing their feedback on this mission. This will enable us to analyse the needs and resources required at human, economic and technical levels, and to plan new missions.