December 20, 2023

Jean-Pierre Mahé elected Committed Man of the Year 2023

Nominated by L'Opinion, Jean-Pierre Mahé, president of Eqwal, received the Committed Man of the Year award on Tuesday, December 12, 2023. This distinction highlights his commitments, both human and environmental, which he fosters within Eqwal.

What are Eqwal's commitments?

More Responsible

Products As consumers of plastic, orthopedic activity must now reconsider its stakes. An analysis of the product lifecycle is conducted to determine achievable areas of improvement: 3D printing, component reuse, waste sorting, packaging reduction... All everyday actions are being studied.


Inclusion is one of our most significant commitments in our daily operations. The core of our mission is to make life easier for our patients with disabilities. We do everything possible to help these individuals regain maximum comfort and autonomy. This is notably the goal of the Eqwal Foundation, which works with disabled populations in developing countries.

Eqwal Foundation

Concerned with acting in countries where access to healthcare is challenging, the Eqwal Foundation was created in June 2022. This corporate foundation, hosted by the Fondation de France, acts for both disabled individuals and environmental preservation. It advocates strong values in line with the Group.

We would like to once again thank L'Opinion for this distinction, symbolizing the fundamental values we seek to embody and promote. This award reflects our commitment to these values and reinforces our determination to further amplify their impact.

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