Eqwal Foundation


April 15, 2024

L'Esperluette: A place for meeting and sharing

For families affected by their child's disability, L'Esperluette has been a place of welcome, listening and exchange since 2006. The association embodies the values of inclusion and solidarity to which the Eqwal Foundation is deeply committed. We are proud to actively support L'Esperluette in its mission to promote the participation and citizenship of people with disabilities. Through the various services it offers, the association gives everyone the chance to express themselves and find their place in a society that we want to be more inclusive.

Fun and sports workshops

The association offers a range of fun and sporting workshops that provide participants with an enriching and entertaining experience. These activities allow children with disabilities to get involved in games and exercises adapted to their needs, helping them to develop their physical and social skills.

Understanding for a better life together

L'Esperluette is committed to promoting a more inclusive society and mutual understanding through its interactive workshops. With programmes on the subject of disability, sign language workshops and those for learning social roles, the association offers spaces for exchange and debate where differences are celebrated and valued. These workshops encourage diversity and promote communication, helping to create a more inclusive and harmonious environment for all.

Preparing for the future

L'Esperluette offers its members over the age of 16, whether or not they have a disability, the opportunity to plan their lives around the issue of housing. During fun workshops, they discuss the different housing options available to them. With the support of L'Esperluette volunteers, their wishes are listened to so that they can find the accommodation and structure that suits them best. With this aim in mind, L'Esperluette supports its members in their search for future accommodation by organising meetings dedicated to shared accommodation.

By collaborating with L'Esperluette, the Eqwal Foundation is committed to creating a more just and inclusive world, where everyone has the opportunity to flourish and reach their full potential. Our partnership with L'Esperluette reflects our commitment to social responsibility and our desire to promote a more inclusive society within our society.