January 29, 2024

Nav'Solidaire: an action between sea and ocean

Nav'Solidaire was founded in 2020 by Antoine, a young man who has been a tibial amputee since 2018. Noticing the surplus of unused prosthetics in France and the shortage in certain countries, he decided to address both aspects by establishing this association.

The association's mission is to collect prosthetics that are no longer in use and transport them by sea to developing countries.

Nav'Solidaire's commitments go beyond this, as the association aims to preserve the environment and reduce its carbon footprint. That's why sailboats are favored for transportation.

Aiding communities in need

At Eqwal, we place great importance on the impact of our activities on both the environment and communities. Revitalizing products, recycling materials, and seeking more sustainable solutions are key aspects of our development. We develop solutions and ensure the relevance of our actions by partnering with reliable associations. These partnerships ensure that the products we offer genuinely benefit communities in need.

Our collaboration with Nav'Solidaire

Since 2021, Eqwal has been supporting Nav'Solidaire by donating used prosthetics to the association. As Nav'Solidaire's primary donor, the year 2023 marked a record for Eqwal, contributing 264 feet, 50 knees, 31 prosthesis junction elements, 105 tubes, and 81 anchors.

All these components are collected by Nav'Solidaire and utilized at the Banjul Mobility Center in Gambia and the Regional Orthopedic Fitting Center in Ziguinchor, Senegal.

If you would like to find out more about Nav'Solidaire and contribute to our current projects, please visit our website https://www.navsolidaire.fr/.