December 27, 2023

The Supply Chain excellence Award for Steeper

A few weeks ago, Steeper's supply chain teams received the Supply Chain Excellence Award for Operational Process. Competing against 11 other companies, they showcased their work towards an efficient supply chain.

In the final phase of the competition, the team presented its journey to improve the processes, systems and working practices of all Steeper Supply Chain teams.

The presentation highlighted the obstacles the team has faced over the years following the global pandemic. These challenges included managing the supply and availability of raw materials on a global scale, as well as managing the rising costs associated with economic instability. Advancements were made across the whole Supply Chain, including a new stock management procedure, the creation of a ‘master data’ team, improvements to procurement processes, increasing efficiencies in logistics and reducing complaints via workload management within Customer Services and Costings to name but a few.

Much more than a reward for the work accomplished over several years, this award recognizes a team of women in the industry. We're very proud of them and the work they've done. Michelle Wright (Supply Chain Manager), Nicola Barker (Stores Manager) and Lisa Gill (Customer Service Manager) impressed the judges with the success of their work.

Winners in the business process category, the team took to the stage in London to collect their trophy. A judge then commented: “This is a huge win for the whole supply chain department. Each and every team has worked hard and continues to do so, to improve their processes and have the best interests of our business, customers and patients at heart. It’s an incredible achievement.”

The efforts don't stop there, and the team will build on these successes and continue to improve this supply chain.