Eqwal Foundation


March 5, 2024

United for inclusion: A house of solidarity for people with disabilities

Thanks to advances in emergency medicine, many people are surviving life's accidents. Unfortunately, they all testify that, more than disability, loneliness is their greatest suffering. The Eqwal Foundation therefore supports the Simon de Cyrène association with a view to promoting inclusion, and contributes to the financing of solidarity homes for people with disabilities. Our company is proud to have participated in this initiative, which embodies the values of solidarity and empathy that we hold dear.

The Simon de Cyrène Association: a pillar of solidarity

Founded in the late 90s, the Simon de Cyrène association is founded on principles of solidarity and mutual support, and aims to create inclusive environments where every individual, regardless of physical or mental ability, can enjoy a pleasant living environment.

Every year in France, 155,000 people suffer brain damage, and 40,000 go on to suffer disabling after-effects and become permanently disabled. To break the isolation of these people, Simon de Cyrène's mission is to create groups of companions and volunteers. These groups share common values of trust, mutual aid and solidarity. Together, they share important moments in their lives, outings that enable them to break away from loneliness and blossom.

Our commitment: Building bridges to inclusion

Since its creation, the Eqwal Foundation has been committed to helping people with disabilities. Supporting an inclusive housing project run by Simon de Cyrene reflects the core values of the Foundation.

These shared, human-scale homes enable companions to get to know each other and meet new people through a variety of activities. In these homes, disabled people live alongside able-bodied people. These employees or civic service volunteers provide day-to-day support to disabled people. A house manager coordinates the shared life. Each person has his or her own studio, and a large living room and shared kitchen encourage exchanges and fraternity.

The Maison Solidaire is much more than just a building. It's a symbol of inclusion and community support. Located in Pibrac near Toulouse, these homes will see the light of day at the end of 2024. They will offer a secure environment adapted to the specific needs of people with disabilities.

Towards a more inclusive future

As we celebrate this important milestone, we remain determined to pursue our commitment to the inclusion, autonomy and well-being of people with disabilities. We will continue to support initiatives that promote independence and equal opportunities, because we firmly believe that every individual deserves a place in our society.