August 27, 2022

Eqwal Patient Care continues its expansion in Belgium

Present in Belgium since February 2021 with the integration of Leunen Orthop├ędie then Aqtor! in July 2021, the Patient Care branch eqwal continues its development on Belgian territory and more widely in Benelux.

Four companies thus strengthen the national network: Orthopedie Goos, Orthopedie De Wintere, Mobility by Olivier and Orthopedie Van Der Steen.

A network of Patient Care agencies focused on patients and their concerns

Mobility by Olivier - The movement expert

Mobilty By Olivier was founded in 2007 by Olivier Van Acker and his wife Astrid Carnail. The company specializes in the sale and distribution of high quality wheelchairs (manual and electric) and scooters.

Mobility By Olivier is recognized for its expertise in adapting the equipment it distributes to each patient.

Orthopedie Van Der Steen - Foot professionals

At the controls, Patrik and Kristin. 2nd generation of the family business, they remain passionate about shoemaking and foot comfort. They were able to innovate by integrating 3D printing into their practices.

The Van der Steen team also consists of orthopedic technicians, a sales team and foot specialists. The patient experience being their first concern.

Goos Orthopedics - Foot Life - The Foot Professionals

FOOT life was founded in June 2010 by Ruud Goos and Ilona Jacobs.

After graduating in technical orthopedics, Ruud Goos gained several years of professional experience in Belgium and then started his career in a shoe technology company in the Netherlands. It was here that he discovered the advantages of a multidisciplinary collaboration with different medical specialists. He created in 2010 FOOT LIFE.

After her training in physiotherapy, Ilona Jacobs worked for 12 years as a physiotherapist in geriatric rehabilitation. In this context, she becomes familiar with multidisciplinary collaboration, also in the field of shoe technology.

FOOT life specializes in sports arch supports, orthopedic work shoes and ready-to-wear shoe adjustments.

The basis of FOOT life is solid technical and medical knowledge combined with craftsmanship and innovative techniques

Orthopedie De Wintere - Ostomy support

Created in 2012 by Johan De Wintere, the company is known for its great expertise in the field of ostomy (colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy), it also has a small activity in breast prosthesis and orthosis series.

By joining the Group, Stomacare makes it possible to integrate expertise in the field of ostomy to ensure development throughout Belgium.