September 11, 2022

Eqwal Patient Care France acquires a new Medical Equipment activity

Medical Equipment, a complementary activity to tailor-made.

In a fiercely competitive environment, Equip’ Santé Biron has decided to turn to the Eqwal Group to entrust it with the future of its family business.

For 4 generations, the Biron family has guided its action by placing the patient at the heart of its concerns. This common strategic orientation will have been decisive in bringing the two companies together.

Having become a key orthopedic player in the west of France (6 agencies located in Vendée, Charente-Maritime and Loire-Atlantique), the company, which today has 110 employees, has been able to develop over the past few years by offering a global offer:

- Design, manufacture and follow-up of custom-made external orthopedic devices: orthoprosthesis (prosthesis, orthosis, corset, positioning), pedorthosis (soles and orthopedic shoes)

- Distribution of a wide range of standard orthoses

- Supply of medical equipment products and services (medical equipment, daily aid, comfort product)

By integrating Equip'Santé Biron into its portfolio of activities, the Patient Care France branch of the Eqwal Group acquires new skills in the medical equipment and custom-made footwear sector, and densifies its presence in the west of France. France. It is this common strategic orientation that will have been decisive in this rapprochement.