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A leader in the field of external orthopaedic devices intended to combat a lack of independence in people with disabilities, Eqwal can now rely on a workforce of 2,500 qualified and committed people, who are invested in empowering disabled people to live on an equal footing. Join us to build a better future!







Join a group that is at the cutting edge of the orthoprosthetics sector.

To work at Eqwal, is to join teams that are passionate about innovation, who are continuously looking for new solutions, on both a human and a technical level. Patient care, digital solutions, the manufacture of specific components that are customised to suit the situation of each individual disabled person – Eqwal designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of products and services, aiming to improve the general wellbeing of disabled people. Looking to the future, we are continually seeking to improve our products and to offer effective solutions to our patients.

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Our employees work towards a single objective: to compensate for disability.

At Eqwal, we believe that accessibility is non-negotiable, and that inclusivity is a societal challenge.

It is by working together, pooling our talents, that we take action on a daily basis to construct a future in which each person can thrive and live in freedom. Closing the gap between the able-bodied and the disabled, putting an end to the perception of disability as a taboo subject, inventing solutions adapted to each individual – our employees are 100% committed to overcoming these challenges.

Join us to build a better future!

Eqwal is continually recruiting new talents. The roles we offer are varied, and our management policy, which is based on a participatory approach, enables employees to grow and develop throughout their career.