Caring for all

Caring for all is our slogan, which unites all our branches. We place “Care” at the heart of our business, and cultivate a close relationship with our patients, to support them in accepting and addressing their situation, and living a better life.


agencies around the world, providing patients with truly comprehensive support




employees, working towards the overall wellbeing of people with disabilities

Eqwal objectives

At Eqwal, we place inclusion and accessibility at the heart of all our decision-making. And it is by involving all stakeholders, without exception: patient, practitioner, engineer, family circle, that we are able to design functional orthoprosthetic solutions that are adapted to each specific disability. Eqwal’s ambition is to continue to innovate, support, adapt, educate, and bring together all of the players involved, with a view to growing and overcoming equality-related challenges for years to come.

Eqwal’s values

Care, equity, and innovation are the key values shared within the Group. Committed to inclusivity and accessibility, these values guide us as we continue to find innovative solutions that guarantee each individual the ability to care for themselves, to fit in, and to fulfil their potential.

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Group governance

Corporate governance within the Eqwal Group consists of an Executive Board, incorporating each of the group’s general operational divisions, which defines the strategic objectives, and an Administrative Board, which serves as the group’s strategic forum and ensures the monitoring of the effective implementation of these objectives.

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Patient care, innovative digital solutions, and components - Eqwal’s expertise allows us to grant people with disabilities daily access to greater freedom and increased autonomy.