Eqwal governance

Comprised from the group’s general operational and functional divisions, the Eqwal Executive Board and the Strategic Boad define our strategic objectives, in accordance with the directives defined by the Administrative Board. Its members are the heads of the operational divisions, the functional divisions, and the geographical areas.

Jean-Pierre Mahé – CEO

Alain Montean – Managing Director

Vincent Contant - CFO

Nathalie Baracetti – Legal & Compliance

Jerôme Cathary – Human Ressources

Sophie Habold – Marketing & Communication - Impact - Foundation

Jean Deslous – IT System

Hamza El Abboubi - Mergers & Acquisition

Luc Boronat – Head of Digital Division

Michel Babin - Digital Division - Strategy Manager

Paul Steeper - Head of Products & Components Division

Thomas Grolleau – Head of Patient Care France

Frédéric Bertschy - Head of Patient Care Switzerland

Filip Hoornaert – Head of Patient Care Benelux

Ivan Sabel – Head of Patient Care North America

Andrew Nicol - Head of Patient Care UK